Wednesday 13 August 2008


Busy night last night - a variety of bug fixes in cudart. Amazing how your lighting improves when you are not taking a cubic root :p   I was for some reason, probably a really good one at the time, getting the magnitude of a vector and then taking the square root of the scalar. This explains rather nicely why my reflections were so weak.  Secondly fixed an error in some intersection calculations which was having an inpact on light reflections.  As you can see from the screenshots these fixes have caused a massive improvement in quality.

Next I implemented a primitive cornell box - proportions are not quite right yet and the colours are incorrect. You can see its screenshot below with 4 lights inside the box - reflections turned off. Notice the artifacts along some intersections, these will be looked at tonight. Actually these artifacts cause some interesting effects with an intense light source behind the intersection - some of the light leaks through along the join.


After bug fixing I found a lot of my old archives (see Archives page) for nice stuff with openGL / asm / etc. As I don't have my copyright licenses sorted out for the source code I won't be posting any just yet. However, if you want a look, just drop me a comment / email.

As a little side note, it turns out that "BV2" is a type of microglial stem cell.  So welcome all you stem cell researchers :)

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