Friday 25 September 2009

Work and Spam...

Yes I am still alive... :)    I've been exceptionally busy at work lately, not complaining though as work pays the bills and gpu / compute things are just a hobby.

What I do find rather frustrating is in the limited time I have to maintain the blog, it all gets eaten up by wading through mountains of spam. Akismet does a fantastic job, but on the forums side the bot detection captcha is pathetic and I have around 100 signups / 100's of messages to check every day. So until a later date when I can fix / upgrade it I will be suspending the forums from today.

On a rather more positive note:  Nvidia has announced OptiX ray tracing engine. Some examples are out already so worth having a look at.  Nvidia has also announced Nexus which looks incredible. I have heard that they may charge for it but with the features it apparently has I would be willing to pay.

For some of the latest conferences papers and pre-prints have a look at Ke-Sen Huang's page which he keeps updated with some really nice stuff.

As for me - no new cuda / compute development for a while. When I get a few mins free I'm tending to work on the maths for the stuff I want to do but never get enough time to implement anymore. Hopefully this will change in 2 or 3 months once work settles down a bit. On the subject of work there have been one or two questions over email and on the blog of the steps taken after an edge detector has been applied - unfortunately I cannot answer this as it gets a bit close to what I do for work (OCR and document processing). Rather interesting one of my ray tracing acceleration algorithms which turned out pathetically for its purpose has been rather good at identifying features in 2d/3d images but more on this at a later date once its a bit more complete.