Thursday 23 October 2008


It had to happen sooner or later... Yes thats right, a raytraced Stanford Bunny  (Thanks to Standford for doing the 3d scan).

To be a little different my bunny is facing away from the camera :p  I'm currently getting 1fps at 800 by 800 - which isn't too bad for just under 280 000 triangles and 2 light sources (reflections are currently turned off).  I think I can increase the speed of this by quite a bit - the current problem is my acceleration structure ran out of memory hence the artifacts. Rendering a more complex scene like this has definately shown up shortcomings in my current algorithm. I have already started work on version 2 :)

For now just a screenshot...

[caption id="attachment_307" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Stanford Bunny at 1 fps"]Stanford Bunny at 1 fps[/caption]


The nendril project took a big step forward yesterday with it becoming self aware.... just kidding! But it is now correctly firing its neurons. More updates soon.

Thursday 9 October 2008

Finally an update!

What with work / projects / email / spore, updating the web site has definately taken a back seat recently. The good news is that I have answered every email I've been sent so if you haven't received a reply the chances are my spam filter ate it - just resend or post a comment here if this is the case.

On the project front - have a look at this screen shot...

[caption id="attachment_299" align="aligncenter" width="286" caption="721 Spheres and 2 lights with 1 level of reflection at +- 14fps"]721 Spheres and 2 lights with 1 level of reflection at +- 14fps[/caption]

I am actually really happy with this as having 8000 objects on the screen only drops the frame rate to +-9. I can still make a lot of optimizations to it but the basic algorithm seems to be working well. Soon it will be time to switch back to triangle meshes and render something useful :) I've recorded a short video of it which is available here , unfortunately the screen capture application I use to generate the recording dropped the frame rate by +-6fps...  At the start of the recording I turn reflections on and you will see the (already diminished) framerate drop accordingly. Note that the camera isn't moving - all the objects are moving.