Thursday 23 October 2008


It had to happen sooner or later... Yes thats right, a raytraced Stanford Bunny  (Thanks to Standford for doing the 3d scan).

To be a little different my bunny is facing away from the camera :p  I'm currently getting 1fps at 800 by 800 - which isn't too bad for just under 280 000 triangles and 2 light sources (reflections are currently turned off).  I think I can increase the speed of this by quite a bit - the current problem is my acceleration structure ran out of memory hence the artifacts. Rendering a more complex scene like this has definately shown up shortcomings in my current algorithm. I have already started work on version 2 :)

For now just a screenshot...

[caption id="attachment_307" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Stanford Bunny at 1 fps"]Stanford Bunny at 1 fps[/caption]


The nendril project took a big step forward yesterday with it becoming self aware.... just kidding! But it is now correctly firing its neurons. More updates soon.

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