Friday 28 November 2008


Although I don't usually post personal stuff on my site or anywhere on the internet for that matter I think this is worth making an exception for (and kinda explains the lack of updates in the last few weeks). An added benefit is that it becomes searchable and I cannot forget the date...

On the 18th October I got engaged :)   Yes I did the one-knee thing and everything and she said "yes" :)  Quite brilliant.  We are getting married early next year and it has been quite a few mad weeks making arrangements. Its just incredible how far ahead venues and wedding related stuff gets booked up.

In unrelated news:  BT managed to cut off my entire street for 4 / 5 days. When reporting the fault they first said:  "there is nothing wrong with the line"   after me insisting there was a problem I got "well you better contact your ISP as it could be there problem".  This was rather amusing as they ARE my isp.... and not only was the internet dead the phone line was completely dead too.  Eventually I got hold of a technician who immediately told me (literally in the first sentence) that it was not his fault. Finally after many calls to them and lots of wasted time they admitted "a fault" and then took 4 days to fix it. Still no speed increase though. We live in the m4 corridor and still only get 768kps even though they sell the product as 8mb. No competition so what do they care.... /rant

Expect more rendering related posts shortly.

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