Wednesday 27 August 2008

Cudart spheres: movie and download

Here is a sample movie of the spheres in cudart, the average fps code is not quite correct but gives a good idea of the current speed of the system. Well over 25 times the CPU implementation now.

Cudart Spheres movie

Here is the promised download - note it is only tested on a 8800GT with 512mb of memory. Any problems / comments / suggestions please let me know.


Again this one is only doing untextured spheres with 2 light sources.


  1. Looks very impressive from the video. I've been playing a bit with raytracing myself (not in Cuda). I looked a bit at John Carmacks suggestion of "sparse voxel octree" as mentioned here:

    Never got very far though.

    Anyway.. reason I'm writing: the demo crashes on my computer (... has encountered a problem .. etc.). Using NVIDIA 8800 GTX.

  2. Thanks for the comment and compliment :)

    I have not seen that link / article before but will most definately have a look at it tonight. I have been working on an acceleration structure for the last week now - still mostly theory with lots of diagrams... It involves the use of what I'm terming "probability rays" in calculating some things. But I will dedicate an entire post/page to this later.

    As to the crash - I'm not entirely sure. My card has 512mb on it and I'm running forceware 169.21. Also I dont render on the 8800GT. I render on my 7800GTX (my monitor is on this one). I'll try running my monitor on the 8800GT and see what happens.

  3. Btw, I tried with both my old driver (don't know which version) and the latest referred to by the Cuda download site (177.84).

    And I'm wondering: Will you release the source for this project?