Friday 16 June 2017

ReMarkable Contract Negotiation

I mentioned in a previous post that I've pre-ordered a ReMarkable . Mostly for scribbling down ideas and reading technical documentation.

It occurred to me that these pads could be ideal for contract negotiation. Many years ago we looked at the possibility of using iPads for this purpose but the supporting technology / cloud infrastructure didn't really exist to the extent it does now.

ReMarkable don't currently offer handwriting recognition but they do have wifi connections and hopefully some form of SDK. In the insurance markets a lot of contracts are still negotiated on paper in a face to face manner, for example we see all sorts of documents where the risk has been proportioned by simply adding hand written percentages to a document as the parties have negotiated in person.

Picture one of these ReMarkables with the Exari technology stack: In a simple scenario custom contracts could be created on the screen in real time and signed by the parties right on the ReMarkable pad with its pen then sent off to the cloud for capture into our Universal Contract Model.

A more complex use case could be two parties each with their own ReMarkable negotiating on their own version of a contract. Exari capture, match, and analysis technologies operating in the background highlighting changes, showing areas of risk, populating new clauses until the eventual agreement, sign and capture of data into the Universal Contract Model.

I really can't wait to get one of these devices now and hopefully a SDK to go with it!

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