Thursday 8 June 2017

Exari acquires Adsensa

Adsensa, the company I joined when it was a startup over ten years ago, has been acquired by Exari systems. As this is a personal blog I hardly, if ever, comment on my job. I'm breaking from tradition here as it is a very exciting and complimentary deal between the two companies.

Here is the official press release:  Exari acquires Adsensa

We are now part of a truly global company with a substantial increase in engineering resources and due to the geographic diversity we can offer improved support to our clients.

The mature Exari workflow should make an immediate improvement to the Adsensa products once integrated. Our industry leading capture, match and analysis tools will enable Exari clients to process legacy documents or documents they receive during the various phases of contract negotiation.

From a development perspective we are very excited about Exari's Universal Contract Model. This is something rather ground breaking and speaking from an Adsensa perspective we are looking forward to integrating our technology to populate the contract models.

It is rather pleasing to see something we have worked so hard on for so many years becoming part of something even bigger and making a real difference to the operations of our clients.

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