Tuesday 25 October 2011

New blog home

BV2 has a new home on blogger (google) as I just couldn't be bothered to run my own backups, email hosting etc etc anymore and the expense of hosting my own server was getting a bit excessive.

The blog has been renamed to ComputeCube as the idea is to merge the two seperate blogs into one, both links should point here.

The automated wordpress->blogger import tool did a good job but some of the image links have broken. I will be working on fixing these. Just to be clear my move to blogger has nothing to do with wordpress. I still think its a really good blogging system, just at the moment my needs are better served here.

Google now pretty much hosts everything of mine. Email, blog and google+ for the social networking thingies. In my push to move with the times I even have a twitter account now (ComputeCube) which contains personal, blog and GPU related stuff.

On the GPU front: I'm still running 2x 8800GT's and a Tesla C1060 but am considering getting a 560Ti as they seem to offer the best price/performance ratio and allow me to use the new CUDA features.

The server crash did knock the wind out of my blogging sails somewhat but since my last post I've not been idle and have implemented a lot of my ideas in CUDA, watch this space for more details.

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