Friday 28 October 2011

64-bit ARM server processor

This is very exciting news. A 64bit quad core chip that supports out-of-order execution will, in my opinion, turn the server market on its head.

When these get released I wouldn't even consider using anything else for my server needs. Coupled with the new stuff NVIDIA is doing with ARM or even ARM's own Mali GPU stuff and you will have a very powerful, low power consumption server.

From what I recall  from an interview with the UK's Intel boss on BBC breakfast TV a month or two ago (I cant seem to find the link), he all but admitted they had already lost the mobile market and were going to concentrate on Ultrabooks but said that they still pretty much controlled the server market.

This news should really shake them up a lot. Intel in many aspects has been a victim of their own success and have got locked into an ancient architecture (x86) . Still dont count them out yet, in the past they did come up with some good RISC chips but the market just wasnt there at the time. We may seem them popping out some new architectures in the coming months. They certainly have the manufacturing processes in place and lots of very bright people on board. And as I've written before their compilers are superb.

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