Tuesday 26 May 2009

GPU Temperature Monitor

I was hoping to release the GPU temperature monitor to the downloads section sometime during this last bank holiday weekend. I had also planned to sort out my somewhat ailing / overheating computer and perform some upgrades. Unfortunately the repair / upgrades took almost 2 full days. My pc is now running a lot cooler and a bit quieter and I am now something of an expert with heat spreader / heat sink cleaning and thermal grease application.  By the way artic silver is really good! Even before the 200 hour break in period mentioned on their site I'm already seeing more than 10 degrees lower temperature on the CPU.

As to the upgrades:  more posts on this later :) But it did include me purchasing Windows XP Professional 64bit.

The longer than expected pc maintenance time has impacted the GPU Thermal Monitor application and it won't be ready for a few more days. A bit of good news about it though:  it works perfectly on Windows XP 64bit without any modifications. Don't you just love asm :)  Some of my other C/C++ applications were not quite so happy on the new OS.

Keep watching this space for release date :)

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