Wednesday 27 May 2009

BV2 Thermal Monitor

Finally v0.1 of the BV2 GPU Thermal Monitor is ready for download. It is available in the downloads section of the site. The source code is included! Please note that I only partially translated the nvapi.h file to an .inc file.

Please note that it is licensed differently from other content here and is under the Creative Commons "Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales" License. Basically this means you are free to copy, use and modify the code/application in any way you like as long as: you give the original author credit and if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a licence identical to this one.

By downloading you agree to be bound by the license.

Ok legalities out the way :)

BV2 Thermal Monitor:

[caption id="attachment_861" align="aligncenter" width="268" caption="BV2 Thermal Monitor v0.1 Screenshot"]BV2 Thermal Monitor v0.1 Screenshot[/caption]



Currently it is version 0.1 and does basic temperature monitoring of up to two NVidia GPU's.

It updates approximately every 500ms.

It can be minimized to the system tray where hovering the mouse over the icon will display a tooltip with the temperatures detected.


Windows XP 32b or 64b - it will probably work on others but I have only tested on these (no Centos / SuSe versions yet - but I *may* eventually get around to them too)

NVAPI.dll must be installed - it gets installed along with your NVidia video drivers by default


Known Issues:

It only handles 1 or 2 GPU's

It plots the graph a pixel at a time - so if the temperature varies quickly you end up with non-connected dots

The odd repaint issue - actually only seen this once and it may have just been my OS.

I'm sure there are lots of others!


Future Improvements:

Better graph drawing

Configuration file allowing changes to update speeds / skins / GPU's to monitor

Always on top button - so other windows cannot overlay it

Network reporting - in order to query temperatures of remote GPU's

Code Changes:  Move the graphics positions and other values to constants and config files


To build you will need to modify the paths in the make file to the ones relevant to your system.

Enjoy and please let me know of any features/enhancements you would like to see. As always let me know of any bugs!  :)  You can do so by commenting, emailing or visiting its' forum topic here