Thursday 28 May 2009

BV2 Forums

For some reason most vistors to the site tend to email me rather than leave a comment. I really don't mind and try and answer them as quickly as possible. If you don't get a reply within a day the chances are my spam filter has eaten them...

In order to promote more open discussions about the topics on this site I have installed some forum software from bbpress (the makers of wordpress). You will find the forums here or click on the link on the top right hand of every page. BBpress integrates into wordpress so your blog user accounts should work in the forums too.

I am moving the employment / contract pages to the forum so people can post things themselves. The forums are protected by spam filters etc but if something does get through and I don't notice - please let me know.  Although at the moment there is very little chance of me not noticing as there are almost no topics!

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