Sunday 19 April 2009

Volumetric Test Data

Here are two screenshots of my 512x512x512 generated volume.  The one on the left is formed by generating random points in rough bands along the y axis with a higher noise factor towards the top - hopefully representing less dense material. Hidden inside the volume is a cube of much lower density than the surrounding regions.

The one in the centre is the same volume after the 3D Gaussian kernel was applied although it is at a slightly different angle. The right hand side screen capture is using a higher transparency function to show the little hidden cube.


I did run into a problem with the watchdog timer generating a timeout when running the kernel on the full 4kx4kx4k data set. Strangely switching the device to my non-display card didn't help at first. It turns out that Win XP had decided that my second 8800GT had a monitor attached to it, which seems to have activated the watchdog timer for the video driver. Something worth looking out for if you get watchdog timeouts on secondary cards.

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