Wednesday 15 April 2009


At 2:30 on 4/4/2009 Catriona and I got married :)

We had a lovely weekend at Loch Ness Lodge with our families and some close friends, culminating with our wedding ceremony on Saturday followed by the wedding breakfast.

After three days of sunshine it was inevitable to get rain on Saturday, but as wearing a kilt/waistcoat/jacket can get rather warm having a cooler day was rather pleasant. By early evening the rain had cleared which gave us an opportunity to have some outdoor photographs. (will post some soon)


Scott and the team at Loch Ness Lodge do a fantastic job and really do make you feel at home, if "home" is a well appointed lodge with "fairies" whom you never see but do everything for you. The food they prepare from tea to sandwiches to five course wedding breakfast is superb using really fresh and high quality ingredients.

As our families had never met before we were a bit concerned as to how they would get on together but a combination of relaxed friendly atmosphere, good food and decent wine ensured everyone had a good time.

Lots of thank you's:

To Catriona's dad - thanks for substantially helping us with the costs

Everyone for travelling all the way to Inverness

Mrs Dunn and the superbly efficient Highland Council for the legal proceedings and conducting our Ceremony - thanks for putting us at ease.

Lyal for being bestman / video camera operator / sandwich fetcher

Harry Gow Bakery for making our cake (chocolate and fruit cake with plenty of marzipan - yum!) and the chocolates

The florist for constructing elegant flower arrangements, button holes and Catriona's bouguet.

Callum McKenzie for playing the pipes.

Scott and his entire team for making the whole weekend so memorable.


I'm sure I've left things out from this post which my new wife or myself will keep ammending.


  1. Congratulations from my small family to your slightly larger family (assuming you count the dogs) :-)

  2. Great news the Barrett! Photos look great, best wishes for the future. Any plans to add to the family in non-canine form? (feline doesnt count either!)

  3. Thanks Matt :)

    I better start thinking about it as soon your herd will be bigger than mine! Congratulations again :)

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