Wednesday 29 April 2009

Dynamic Holographic Displays

Every few days I have a look and see who has been visiting my site. There are lots of companies and Universities doing very interesting things and as they have found this site its likely they are interested in the same things I am, so its worth having a look at what they are busy with.

Today I found Zebra Imaging who have designed and built (alpha prototype) a dynamic holographic display. Although its difficult to see how it works on a 2D screen I'm imagining something like what R2D2 produced in Star Wars. Truly stuff of science fiction and will be interesting to see how well it works / what type of takeup it will get in the various fields they are targeting. Good luck guys! :)

Also worth a visit is the University of Rostock who are doing interesting things with liquid modeling and object<->liquid interactions. 

On the subject of visitors, I get a lot of Universities having a look here but in particular a big "hello" to Stanford who seem to visit their bunny on a regular basis :)

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