Thursday 4 June 2009

Thermal Monitor

As at the time of writing there have been 20 downloads of the BV2 Thermal Monitor and so far not a single complaint / bug report :)   I'm going to take this as a good sign and not that people are just not reporting issues. If you do have an issue please report it on the forums.

I will try to get an update with the "always on top" button and some minor bug fixes out some time this weekend.

Expect more screenshots from my Lattice Boltzmann Method - D3Q19 implementation too - although I had to roll back 3 evenings of work on it due to a myriad of introduced bugs :( Naughty me for not running it against the regression data every night....  I'm thinking about releasing the source code for this too as there is not much in the way of simple D3Q19 lattice source on the web at the moment.


  1. Hey thats quite sm work. I would be pretty keen on having a look at the source code as I too required to implement LBM using the D3Q19 lattice model. And I was not successful in understanding some of the popular code such as OpenLB.

    So do let me know if you are planning on releasing the source code.

  2. Hi Nimish,

    I will release the source code for it when its ready. The simulation is quite basic and only handles the incompressible case and fairly simple boundary conditions.

    I been exceptionally busy with work lately and haven't had a chance to do more on it - but will release it soon. Keep in mind that it is a simple and far from optimal solution - you can get some better ideas on implementation from the CFD links on the right hand side of the site.