Thursday 25 June 2009

Glass half full or half empty?

Or as this is a hpc/cuda/parallel processing site:

Gustafson's Law or Amdahl's law?

Personally I prefer Gustafson's Law .... it seems more logical to me or is this just because I'm inherently an optimist?

I would be quite interested on hearing your views on this - so comments /forum posts most welcome.

In other news:  The thermal monitor downloads have gone over 80! :)  The updated version (v0.2) is ready after mucking around with subclassing a control.... I will release it soon...

Otherwise I have been extremely busy on debugging a sparse matrix solver - bugs in huge datasets can be hard to find! Even with the aid of Gold / Sivler / Bronze kernels mentioned in the last post they have been proving remarkably tricky to isolate. Rather surprising to me is the fact that the long long data type doesn't consume a lot more processing time than a normal unsigned int - so I have been using that wherever there is a risk of exceeding 2^32.

CFD code coming soon too - although I have unwound a lot of the optimizations in order to make it easier to understand and possibly be a good foundation for your own optimizations.

Right .... back to the grindstone!

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