Wednesday 7 January 2009

Galactic Centre Photograph

I found this on the Hubble site

[caption id="attachment_339" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Galactic Centre"]Galactic Centre[/caption]

They also have much bigger versions available up to 6149 X 2902. (according to it seems that I can post it here) In itself it is pretty remarkable but also provides a rather nice large and complex image for image processing. I have been playing with trying to extract the individual stars and using their intensity / connected region size to specify a Z co-ordinate. With brighter / larger being closer. If this seems odd it is because I dont have the stars real positions and its just for fun anyway :)   Then using these x,y,z coordinates and running a gravity simulation on them.  I know this has absolutely no scientific merit as there is no initial velocity / mass / proper coords / space is probably warped there / etc  but it could look cool...

In other news:

A while back I posted about a bug in my raytracer and entitled it "Modern Art..."  Rather surprisingly, according to google analytics, this is the single biggest search hit for the site. Which leads me to conclude there are now a lot of modern artists out there doing their thing with raytracers and GPU's - well probably not, but that would be a sure fire way for them to get off "ship B"*

Aaron has kindly offered compute time on a 3 x 260GT machine for developers in a comment on a previous post ( he didn't leave his email address public so contact me if you are interested and I will relay it to him. Aaron if you read this, let me know how people should contact you.

*just kidding - artists do have a purpose :)

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