Friday 19 March 2010

SPH Screenshot

Finally the promised screenshot :)

SPH with symmetry

It's not all that impressive to look at as I've restricted all the particles to 2d although it does use 3d calculations. I do this to help look for any issues in the code as I find it hard to spot errors in a 3d particle rendering.

This particular screenshot has 64000 particles that have been dropped into the box in a column formation and are now starting to slosh around at the bottom.

The unusual thing with regards to a CUDA implementation is that it is using symmetry in the interactions thereby decreasing the memory/processing load. I've still got more work to do but its showing a lot of promise in running superfast particle interaction simulations.

I've aso been doing a bit of work on my second version of my raytracer. I've once again stepped away from KD-trees and Octrees and am using a type of BVH, ray marching system. Screenshots once I have a decent scene rendered :)

In other news I'm now compiling all my new C++/CUDA code in 64bit with the CUDA 3.0 beta. Although I think putting in c++ object support into CUDA was a mistake the new version does produce decent code.

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