Tuesday 27 October 2009

GPU Temperature Monitor

As of writing the combined download count of the GPU Thermal Monitor has hit 520 :)

So far I'm yet to receive any major feedback on bugs etc which leads me to believe it: a) works perfectly or b) no-one is bothering to report issues. As I'm an optimist I'm going with option a  :)

I've had more requests for remote monitoring of the GPU temperature via a simple http request. This is something I need myself in order to keep track of temperatures in remote machines. This is now built in and in testing and bug fixing, hopefully to be released soon. I've not used completion ports as they seemed like overkill for what should be a light traffic application but as the source is included and under creative commons license please feel free to add them if needed. Secondly having it open source allows for some code review, which is important for security reasons as it now allows remote connections.

If you have found a bug or would like another feature added please drop me a comment or email.


  1. I just ran this on a Nvidia GF 7950GX2 and it seems to be working; although I am not running Nvidia's bloatware; so unsure it's it's measuring accurate temps. I did manually stop a fan on the card and watched the temperature rise on GPU1... so "in theory" it works.
    I'll have to try it on my personal box running a GF260.

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for the comment :) Did you try it on your GF260?

    I've only tested personally on two different 8800gt's, a 7900gt and a tesla. Other people have reporting it works on other cards - but so far no report back on a 260.... I imagine it will work but.... untested software is.... :p

    New version coming soon! I've just been swamped with work at the mo...


  3. yes - it worked with my 260 IIRC.
    I don't running it normally since it's not a Win7 Gadget.

  4. Is this still available?

  5. Good Early Morning to You,

    I had 'googled' 'gpu temp monitor' and came across your site. I am interested in downloading your - BV2 Thermal Monitor - if you are still allowing such behavior. However, on page 863/downloads I find this: "[Download not found]" where, I suspect the link for the download should be.

    If you are still supporting this site and the software, I would enjoy receiving a copy. Please advise, that is, if you see this plea.

    all the best,