Monday 8 September 2008

Cudart on Nvidia's CUDA page

After noticing a bit of a spike in traffic to the webserver, I see that Nvidia added cudart to the CUDA page on their site.

Although the application is fairly small the videos are quite big so I'm hoping my allocated bandwith will be enough.

Almost inevitably there has been a reported problem with the application. Thanks to Audun who posted a comment. My development PC (AMD 4400 with windows XP) is currently running a 8800GT with 512mb and a 7800GTX with a monitor attached. All calculations are done on the 8800GT and the display is done on the 7800GTX. Initially I thought that this was the problem as most people run their displays on the same card. A quick fiddle around and monitor swapping over has ruled this out - its working perfectly.

The only difference between mine and other problem installs out there seems to be the driver version. I am running the version that comes with CUDA 1.1 from the Nvidia download site (169.21).  The problems *seem* to be coming from the version that comes with CUDA 2.0 (177.84). 

Until now I have not upgraded my driver version for two reasons:

I dont have a CUDA 2.0 enabled device and the link seems to indicate the driver is for 8 and higher series GPU's (not sure if that means my 7800 will work?)

Secondly there are reported performance issues with the 177.84 drivers (according to the forums)


Keep watching this space if you are having issues, hopefully I will have a fix shortly.

Update: I have installed the 177.84 drivers and have run the exe in the download with no problems at all. When rendering on my 7800GTX it seems to have lost 1 or 2 fps but gained about 2 fps when on my 8800GT with the new drivers. I kept my CUDA 1.1 toolkit / libraries etc but that shouldn't make a difference especially as the .exe ran fine wih the 177.84 driver. Its getting kinda late right now and I don't have any other idea currently.  If anyone else has issues please let me know and hopefully I can recreate it here.

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